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Building ConsentsTono whakaaetanga hangatanga

Almost all building work requires approval by us through a building consent. A building consent is a legal document, provided by Council, stating that your proposed building, plumbing, drainage and safety requirements comply with the Building Code.

Before You Submit a Building Consent Application

In our experience, Clients that have had a meeting with our Building and/or Planning teams before submitting their application, have had their Building Consents processed faster.

The ideal time to request a meeting with the Building and/or Planning teams would be once you have your Draft Plans or a reasonable amount of Building Information together. This meeting will provide you with guidance about what to expect from your unique Building Consent application journey.

To arrange your Free Pre-application Meeting, please click the Request a Meeting button or call our friendly building team on 06 838 7309.


Applying For a Building Consent

Council accepts online application lodgements of buildings consents. 

Save $250 on your consent fees by lodging your Building Consent application online

Apply online

A lot of information is required to apply for a Building Consent in order to ensure everything is covered. For more details read the Building Consent information sheets.

The documents you supply in your Building Consent application need to answer a lot of legal building questions required by law.

The consent process can be complex and challenging, if you are not familiar with building plans and compliance with the building code we strongly recommend you engage a design professional (an architect/draftsperson for example) to supply the required drawings and information and to apply for the building consent on your behalf.

Applying for, and being granted a Building Consent is a very complex process.

Please be aware that it can be a journey, and there is a high chance that further questions will be asked and requests for additional information during the Building Consent process.

We are happy to discuss your building consent with you at any stage of the process and recommend you book a pre-application meeting to ensure you have good quality information to submit.

Once you submit your application, it will be checked twice to ensure all the required information is provided. The initial check is to vet what is supplied and its contents, to ensure that enough quality information has been provided to progress to the next stage. Then a more detailed technical check is carried out during the processing of the consent application. Application may be declined if too much information is missing.

Why do I need a Building Consent?

If you plan to carry out any building work to a temporary or permanent, movable or immovable structure, then you need a building consent. This is to ensure that we live in a community that has buildings and structures that are safe and sound and fit for purpose.

Here are some examples of work that requires consent:

  • Any structural building including new buildings, additions, accessory buildings (sheds) and re-piling.
  • Plumbing and drainage.
  • Demolition or relocations of existing structures.
  • Heating (fireplaces)
  • Siteworks for building
  • Retaining walls higher than 1.5m or with a driveway near the top.
  • Fences higher than 2.5m and any swimming pool fence.
  • Swimming pools.
  • Decks more than 1.5 from ground level.

Regardless, all building work must comply with the Building Act 2004 and the Building Code. The Act and the Code are legally binding and if you breach them or don't obtain a building consent you may face penalties.


Building Consent conditions

Conditions may be imposed on the building consent to ensure compliance with certain requirements of the Building Act. Conditions may apply to some aspects of work, and a list of inspection requirements will be included.

Once a Building Consent has been issued, your Building work must commence within 12 months.

Once the building works are complete you can submit an Application for Code Compliance Certificate. This is required within or on the 2 year anniversary date on which the building consent for the building work was granted.  It is important to note that a Building Consent Authority must decide whether to issue a code compliance certificate for building work within 20 working days.

If more time is required an Extension of Time application can be made free of charge. This may be agreed between the owner and the Building Consent Authority.


What will it cost?

A Building Consent is never clear cut and we cannot give you a quote.

A fireplace consent is relatively straight forward and has set Consent fees (see our website for these fees), but building a garage, shed, small or large house are not necessarily that easy.
Depending on what you are building and the estimated value of that build, the deposit required at time of submission, will be $400 or $1,000. All commercial builds will require a deposit of $1,000.
The final invoice will depend on so many factors, but in our experience they have ranged between (plus deposit):

  • Fireplace Consents              $265 - $385 (Flat fee – depends on free stand/in-built and your location)
  • Basic Shed Consents           $800 - $3,000 (Plus deposit)
  • Average 3 bedroom House  $4,000 - $6,000 (Plus deposit)

But we have had Consent Invoices that are much higher than this. The final invoice might be far greater or less, but we hope this allows you to begin your budgeting process. 

Detailed information about Building Control Fees and Charges


Exemptions from a Building Consent

Section 41 and the first schedule of the Building Act 2004 describes work which may be carried out without a consent. It is regularly updated by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) with a wide range of building work being exempted. The document that outlines the full list of exempt building work can be found at website which is approved by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment or you can check with council.

An exemption does not allow for building work if that work would be in breach of any other Act e.g. exempt work may still require planning approval.

Note: all exempt work is to comply with the Building Code. View New Zealand Legislation website


Appeal a building consent decision

To make a formal complaint to WDC

If you are unhappy with our decision on your consent or your problem has not been resolved, you can make a formal complaint. This should be made in the first instance, in writing, to the Wairoa District Council (WDC) Chief Executive Officer.

Complain through the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE)

If your complaint has not been resolved to your satisfaction through our complaints process, then you can:

Apply for a determination

If no one can agree on whether building work complies with the Building Code or we make a decision you disagree with, you may be able to apply for a determination. A determination is a legally binding ruling made by MBIE.

How a determination is reached

Determinations can look at whether a building or building work complies with the Building Code. The determination can apply to building work that is planned, partly done or complete. MBIE will take a detailed look at the specific matter and make a legally binding decision. The law that covers determinations is set out in the Building Act 2004 (sections 176-190).

A determination can be appealed to the District Court.

Find out more about determinations see the information about determinations on the MBIE website.

Building Guide

Undertaking a building project is a challenging time and can be immensely enjoyable or thoroughly frustrating.

One useful tool to have in your back pocket while you go through your building project is the Building Guide.

Screen Shot 2019 07 02 at 4.53.16 PM


Information Sheets

Application Forms

Building Control Fees & Charges

Building Control Fees and Charges approved for 1 July 2020 to 30 June 2021.

All fees and charges are inclusive of GST (except as noted *).

Building Control Fee (incl GST)
Building Control Staff
Building Control Officer (Per Hour)$140.00 
Regulatory Administration Officer (Per Hour)$115.00 
Building/Drainage Consents
Note: Consent Applications Based On Time Occupied
Note: MBIE Levy: the Building Act 2004 requires council to collect a levy of $1.75 per $1000 value of building work valued $20,000 & over
Note: BRANZ Levy: Building Research Levy Act 1969 requires Council to collect a levy of 0.1% ($1.00 per $1000 value) Of Building work valued $20,000 & over
Note: Value of Building Work: This is based on the Dept of Building and Housing costs and Rawlinson's New Zealand Construction Handbook set costs
Note: Some of the Fee are determined by statute/regulation and Council is not able to change them. They are subject to change without notice.
Note: The charges below are not applicable to fixed fee consents.
Central Govt accreditation Audit Fee - under $20,000$25.00 
Central Govt accreditation Audit Fee - under $100,000$60.00 
Central Govt accreditation Audit Fee - over $100,000$115.00 
Central Govt accreditation Audit Fee - Commercial$170.00 
Residential Consent Deposits - Building Work <$100,000 deposit$400 (dep)  
Residential Consent Deposits - Building Work >$100,000 deposit$1,000.00 (dep) 
Commercial Consent Deposit deposit$1,000.00 (dep) 
Manual Lodgement Fee$250.00 
Consent Administration Fee $1 to $124,999 estimated value$86.25 
Consent Administration Fee $125,000 to $499,999 estimated value$260.75 
Consent Administration Fee $500,000 to $999,999 estimated value$431.25 
Consent Administration Fee $1,000,000 to 5,000,000 Estimated Value (Capped at $5 Million)0.0375% + GST 
Solid Fuel Heaters - Free Standing within 20km of Wairoa Township (Includes Accreditation Fee) additional inspections at cost$265.00 
Solid Fuel Heaters - Free Standing further than 20km from Wairoa Township (Includes Accreditation Fee) additional inspections at cost$325.00 
Solid Fuel Heaters - In Built Heater within 20km of Wairoa Township (Includes Accreditation Fee) additional inspections at cost$325.00 
Solid Fuel Heaters - In Built Heater further than 20km from the Wairoa Township (Includes Accreditation Fee) additional inspections at cost$385.00 
Marquees (Includes One Inspection - Additional Inspections At Cost)$200.00 
Code Compliance Certificate - project up to $19,999$60.00 
Code Compliance Certificate - project value over $20,000$130.00 
Code Compliance Certificate - For consents granted under Building Act 1991 (lodged prior to 30 November 2004)$130.00 
Building Property Files Search$30.00 
Building Consent Amendment$100.00 
Building Consent Cancellation, Lapsing Fee & Refused Fee$85.00 
Swimming Pool Fence Inspection (Plus Mileage & Time)$150.00 
Above Ground Swimming Pool Consent or Registration (Plus Mileage & Time)$150.00 
Certificate Of Acceptance (Plus Normal Inspection & Mileage)$600.00 
Certificate Of Public Use (Plus Mileage & Time)$255.00 
Notice To Fix$95.00 
Administration Fee - Maori Land Court Letter$50.00 
Issue of Consent reports - Monthly (Annual subscription)$50.00 
Issue Of Compliance Schedule$255.00 
Amendments To Compliance Schedule$115.00 
Building Warrant Of Fitness Administration$100.00 
Building Warrant Of Fitness Audit fee$200.00 
Certificate Of Title Registration Of S73 & 74 Notice (Plus Any Inspection Costs)$300.00 
Certificate Of Title Registration Of S77 & 78 Notice (Plus Any Inspection Costs)$300.00 
Application for Building Consent Exemption Fee$200.00 
Photocopy Charges Refer To Administration Photocopying Charges 
Scanning Building Consent Plans $20.00 
Scanning - A3 (Per Sheet)$2.00 
Scanning - A2 & A1 (Per Sheet)$5.00 
Certificate Of Title
Copy Of Certificate Of Title$30.00 
Property Information
Land Information Memorandum - 10 working days (Residential/Rural Property) $260.00 
Property Information Memorandum$150.00 
Engineering & Planning Fee$150.00 

Infringement Fee - Building Act 2004 Fee (incl GST)
Section - Description of offence
s 40 - Failing to comply with the requirement that building work must be carried out in accordance with a building consent$1,000.00 
s 42 - Failing to apply for a certificate of acceptance for urgent building work as soon as practicable after completion of building work$500.00 
s 85(1) - Person who is not licensed building practitioner carrying out restricted building work without supervision of licensed building practitioner with appropriate licence$750.00 
s 85(2)(a) - Licensed building practitioner carrying out restricted building work without appropriate licence$500.00 
s 85(2)(b) - Licensed building practitioner supervising restricted building work without appropriate licence$500.00 
s 101 - Failing to comply with the requirement to obtain a compliance schedule$250.00 
s 108(5)(a) - Failing to display a building warrant of fitness required to be displayed$250.00 
s 108(5)(b) - Displaying a false or misleading building warrant of fitness$1,000.00 
s 108(5)(c) - Displaying a building warrant of fitness other than in accordance with section 108$1,000.00 
s 116B(1)(a) - Using, or knowingly permitting the use of, a building for a use for which it is not safe or not sanitary$1,500.00 
s 116B(1)(b) - Using, or knowingly permitting the use of, a building that has inadequate means of escape from fire$2,000.00 
s 124 - Failing to comply with a notice, within the time stated in the notice, requiring work to be carried out on a dangerous, earthquake-prone, or insanitary building$1,000.00 
s 128 - Using or occupying a building, or permitting another person to do so, contrary to a territorial authority's hoarding, fence, or notice$2,000.00 
s 162E - Supplying a pool product without an approved notice $500.00 
s 168(1) - Failing to comply with any other notice to fix$1,000.00 
s168(1AA) - Failing to comply with a notice to fix in relation to a means of restricting access to a residential pool$500.00 
s 314(1) - Person holding himself or herself out as being licensed to do or supervise building work or building inspection work while not being so licensed$500.00 
s 362D(4) - Failing to provide prescribed disclosure information or failing to provide prescribed checklist $500.00 
s 362F(4) - Failing to have a written contract as prescribed$500.00 
s 362T(4) - Failing to provide prescribed information or documentation to specified persons $500.00 
s 363 - Using, or permitting use of building having no consent or code compliance certificate or certificate for public use for premises for public use$1,500.00 
s 367 - Wilfully obstructing, hindering, or resisting a person executing powers conferred under the Act or its regulations$500.00 
s 368 - Wilfully removing or defacing a notice published under the Act or inciting another person to do so$500.00 
Earthquake-prone building offences
s 133AU(1) - Failing to complete seismic work by deadline $1,000.00 
s 133AU(2) - Failing to comply with requirements to attach EPB notice or EPB exemption notice$1,000.00 
s 133AU(3) - Failing, when EPB notice or EPB exemption notice ceases to be attached or becomes illegible, to notify the territorial authority$1,000.00 
s 133AU(5) - Using or occupying an earthquake-prone building, or permitting another person to do so, contrary to a territorial authorities hording, fence, or notice$2,000.00 
Dam safety offences
s 134(1) - Improper Representation as Licenced Inspector $500.00 
s 134 - Dam owner failing to classify a dam$500.00 
s 138 - Dam owner failing to comply with a direction from a regional authority to have a classification re-audited and submitted$250.00 
s 140 - Dam owner failing to prepare, or arrange the preparation of, a dam safety assurance programme and submit it for audit$500.00 
s 145 - Dam owner failing to comply with a direction from a regional authority to have a dam safety assurance programme re-audited and submitted$250.00 
s 150(4)(a) - Dam owner knowingly failing to display a dam compliance certificate required to be displayed$250.00 
s 150(4)(b) - Dam owner displaying a false or misleading dam compliance certificate$1,000.00 
s 150(4)(c) - Dam owner displaying a dam compliance certificate other than in accordance with section 150$1,000.00 
s 154 - Dam owner failing to comply with a notice, within the time stated in the notice, requiring work to be carried out on a dangerous dam$2,000.00 


For more information please contact the Wairoa District Council.

+64 6 838 7309


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